The Chef

Claudio Vicina

“I love to reproduce the tastes of memory: the memory of home and of piedmontese tradition. My dishes have to be tasted. Tasting them, the flavours result true and distinct, entering into the memory and the heart”

The kitchen

Simple recipes, from the Piedmontese tradition to which the Vicina, for 116 years, have been giving new life with a modern touch. Tasting the unique and authentic flavors you are brought back to childhood and to the warm family atmosphere.

Offer a unique experience at Vicina’s

A Michelin’s starred lunch or dinner to celebrate important moments and people.

The Restaurant

Soft lights, relaxing colours in the shade of grey and beige, wood details, sophisticated and design furniture (such as Tonon ‘s chairs) create a soft and relaxing atmosphere that well predisposes the senses for the “hearing of dishes and of wines”.

Casa Vicina Restaurant
Via Nizza 224, Torino inside EATALY, Lingotto

Open for lunch and dinner
Closed sunday evening and monday

Tel: +39 011 19506840